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Welcome to NetSarc-ResOs

NetSarc is the French clinical reference network for soft tissue and visceral sarcomas, implemented in 2010 and approved by the INCa in 2014 (28 centers). NetSarc's RCP list.

ResOs is the French reference network for bone sarcoma and rare bone tumours, implemented in 2013 (14 centers). ResOs's RCP list.

This site gathers clinical data from patients discussed on sarcoma multidisciplinary committees (RCP) in NetSarc-ResOs centres.

These 2 networks work jointly with the French sarcoma pathological reference network (RRePS) which insures a second expert pathological review of every suspected cases.

The very structure of these networks and the automatic study of each case of sarcoma in specialized RCP improve and homogenize the management of patients with sarcomas in France, especially by making access to clinical protocols and to innovative therapeutics for all patients easier.


Content overview
  • Patients : 69770
  • Primary tumours : 70440
  • RCPs : 174451
  • Trial inclusions : 5058

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